Disponible nuevo update de FIFA 18

Ya disponibles los packs Kurt Angle y Cena (Nuff) de WWE 2K18
PES 2018 tendrá versión gratuita

Se encuentra ya disponible para Xbox One y se espera que a lo largo del día también en Playstation 4 y PC el último parche para FIFA 18 que viene a corregir algunos errores reclamados por los usuarios como uno centrado en FUT Squad Battles en el que algunos jugadores se aprovechaban de algunas mecánicas para derrotar a la CPU en las dificultades más altas, el changelog es el siguiente:

Made the following change in Gameplay:

Removed the chance for the CPU AI controlled player to receive a second yellow card when trying to push or pull an opponent, with the exception of an attacker who is through on goal and 1 on 1 with the keeper.

  • This has no impact on human controlled players.

To better explain this change we wanted to provide some additional context around how the CPU team plays the game.

  • The CPU plays the game as you would, limited by the same input restrictions as a human player is.
  • This means that the CPU team has an active player, just like you do, which we call the CPU AI controlled player.
  • A CPU AI controlled player exists in the following circumstances:
    • On a team with no human players.
      • For example, the CPU controlled team in Squad Battles.
    • On a team with human players who are all locked to specific players, that also has CPU teammates.
      • For example, a Pro Clubs team, with less than 11 human players, with no ANY player.
  • A CPU AI controlled player does not exist in the following circumstances:
    • On a team with human players who are not locked to specific players.
      • For example, a team in FUT Champions.

Fuente: Foros EA Sports


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