Disponible el parche 1.05 de Madden NFL 18

Las tácticas en Football Manager 2018

El parche 1.05 para Madden NFL 18 se encuentra ya disponible y llega para solucionar algunos errores y problemas  que han sufrido los usuarios tras la salida del parche 1.04. La lista de cambios es la siguiente:

  • Reverted attempted fix for lag in Franchise mode to in order to fix Franchise crashes
  • Fixed a crash some users were experiencing in Franchise when navigating menus very quickly
  • Reverted tuning change to “Nearby Player” catching penalty to reduce the number of dropped passes
  • Reverted “Low Catch Rating” and “Catch in Traffic” user notification banners
  • Addressed Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) Auction House filters resetting after making a bid on an item

Fuente: Web EA Sports

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