Ya disponible el parche 1.11 de FIFA 18

Disponible el update 1.13 de F1 2017
MotoGP 18 llegará el próximo 7 de Junio

EA Sports ha sacado una nueva actualización para FIFA 18 llevando el juego a su versión 1.11, esta vez el update esta centrado en pequeños arreglos visuales y en FUT, el changelist es el siguiente:

Addressed the following issues in FIFA Ultimate team:

  • FUT Champions Channel replays, for matches that ended early and resulted in a DNF, were sometimes incorrectly displaying which player received the loss.
    • This was purely a visual issue on the FUT Champions Channel screens, and had no bearing on the results of the actual match.
  • The goals were visually missing from the pitch if the Net Shaping settings had been changed to something different than those used by the player’s active Stadium.
  • The ‘Camera Target’ buttons, displayed when watching a FUT Champions Channel replay, were displaying as controller buttons when using a keyboard.
  • The ‘Toggle Tabs’ buttons, displayed on the FUT New Items screen, were displaying as controller buttons when using a keyboard.
    • They are now also clickable when using a mouse.

Made the following changes in Audio / Visual / Presentation:

  • Changes to the Arsenal Tula banners displayed in game.
  • Changes to the Club America kits, crests and banners displayed in game.

Fuente: Foros EA Sports

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