Disponible el parche 1.06 de EA Sports UFC 3

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Ya se encuentra disponible tanto en Playstation 4 como Xbox One el update 1.06 de EA Sports UFC 3, el changelist es el siguiente:

Game Modes

  • Gameplay Sliders added to Event Mode
  • Health Events added to Post-Fight Statistics
  • Added more potential Rivals to Career Mode
  • Added indicator to schedule camp screen to display the last gym trained at
  • Added icon on tabs when new moves are earned in Career Mode
  • Added Random Fighter option to Fighter Select screens
  • Ultimate Team Customization improvements
  • Updated New Zealand and Australian Fight Kits
  • Opponent HUD removed for Division 6 or higher in Ranked Championships and all LEC matches
  • Fighter Grades added to Ranked Championship Fighter Select, which determines potential Rank Point gain or loss
  • Misc. Ranked Point improvements for Ranked Championships
  • Added Fighter Select back-out option for high latency matchups


  • Added ability for AI to use grapple fakes depending on difficulty
  • Decreased aggression of AI on Pro & Legendary difficulty
  • Fix AI defense in practice mode sparring
  • Properly defend against muscle modified transitions

Podéis ver una explicación más detallada y completa con gifs de los cambios en la web oficial del juego.

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