Disponible el parche 1.08 de EA Sports UFC 3

Dakar 18 llega a consolas y PC el 11 de septiembre
Disponible la edición Icon de EA Sports UFC 3

Ya se encuentra disponible en Playstation 4 y Xbox One el nuevo update para EA Sports UFC 3 que además de nuevos movimientos y mejoras en el gameplay incluye 5 nuevos luchadores: Tito Ortiz (2006), Matt Serra (2007), Kimbo Slice (2009), Mirko Cro Cop (2010), y Wanderlei Silva (2010).

El changelist es el siguiente:

  • Made block breakdown faster when circling into a round strike on the same side you’re circling to.
  • Reduced movement speed when circling into a blocked round strike on the same side you’re circling to.
  • Reduced power when your back is against the cage.
  • Reduced size of the cage takedown early denial window.
  • Increased range on cage takedowns from 2 feet to 3 feet.
  • Added new push off animation that is performed by holding block and pressing the lead uppercut button inputs.
  • Added the ability to enter finish the fight after a KO strike. The walk off KO animations will still play if you knock someone out and don’t press any strike buttons while the opponent is falling.
  • Added an all new set of diving punch animations which allowed us to dramatically increase the responsiveness of diving on your opponent after a KD or KO. You will now be able to dive in immediately when they hit the ground, and at all times after that. And finally, these new animations allowed us to remove the step over into mount animation that would play on occasion that threw off the balance of the game.
  • Increased the likelihood of the AI diving onto an injured fighter after knockdown & KO.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes submission chains would not display the submission HUD.
  • Frame tuning on grappling transitions to speed up transition time without altering denial window size. This is a bit of a nebulous change, but it basically makes it so the transition meter matches the denial window, which wasn’t the case before and I believe caused a fair amount of confusion as people expected they matched. Bottom line is transitions will feel faster than before overall, which will have gameplay implications on transition races, and strike vs. transition interactions, but will not impact denial windows.
  • Added Open Weightclass in Tournament Mode
  • Added a new low single leg ankle pick takedown animation. The ankle pick can be performed by any fighter with a TD rating of 87 or higher. To perform the ankle pick, execute a single leg takedown from step kick range, or kick range if your opponent is retreating, or any range if your opponent is using the straight arm defensive retreat
  • Made single leg takedowns harder to deny against retreating opponents
  • Made double leg takedowns harder to deny against forward moving opponents
  • Fixed an issue where AI would shoot for a second takedown right after missing the first
  • Rematch option added to Online Quick Fights
  • Allow more strikes on the ground to KO a fighter mid transition.
  • Added four new @Cody_Nolove signature taunts.
  • Disabled signature lunges while heavily fatigued.
  • Knockout Mode and Stand and Bang added as available Fight Rules in Online Quick Fights.

Además podéis ver una explicación de algunos cambios y movimientos más detallada en la web oficial del juego.

Fuente: Operation Sports

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