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El Update 1.09 de EA Sports UFC 3 ya se encuentra disponible en Playstation 4 y Xbox One, este update añade 3 nuevos luchadores: Zabit Magomedsharipov, Tai Tuviasa y David Branch. Este update incluye además muchisimas mejoras y arreglos incluyendo nuevos golpes, mejoradas las pisadas, contras y demás, el listado de cambios es el siguiente:

– Added three new fighters; David Branch in Middleweight; Tai Tuivasa in Heavyweight; Zabit Magomedsharipov in Featherweight
– Added Combined Weightclasses to Fight Now modes
– Added a strike range modifier for AI recording & playback behaviors in Practice Mode

Career Mode:
– Added gameplay sliders to Career Mode
– Added Career Fight History

Gameplay Additions:
– Added signature Justin Gaethje Rolling Thunder kick
– Added signature Wanderlei Silva hooks
– Added signature Zabit Magomedsharipov trip as an R1 modified clinch entry
– Added strikes to cage takedown positions
– Added a new cage seated finish the fight position
– Added a new single collar attempt animation
– Added ability to stay down during an active knockdown by pressing down on the Right Stick
– Added ability to grapple with your opponent as they get up from an active knockdown by pressing towards them with the Left Stick
– Added reaching straight punches to the body and head that can be thrown from kick range by first flicking forward with the Left Stick
– Added lead hook block counter to head hook that lands to lead side, body hook that lands to either side
– Added uppercut block counter to blocked body hooks
– Added new pivot lunges
– Added ability to block while lunging
– Added ability for an attacking fighter to stop tracking their opponent when a side lunge evades a forward moving strike
– Added new damage logic to account for large angles created when evading forward moving strikes with lunges
– Added lead body kicks following body punches (Muay Thai level 3 combos)
– Added rumble to takedown and clinch attempts when using haptic feedback setting

Gameplay Tuning:
– Major lunge evades overhands to the outside
– Improved the responsiveness of chaining lunges and throwing strikes out of lunges
– Intercepting a back lean with a straight will force a push back hit reaction
– Single collar punches to the head can now knockdown or knockout an opponent
– Slightly reduced the range of standing & forward overhands
– Reduced stamina tax of body strikes that force a push back hit reaction (Teep Kick for example)
– Removed stamina tax of auto lunges that trigger when blocking a straight kick to the leg
– Removed feints from total strikes thrown in post-fight stats
– Removed minor duck
– Fixed a bug where haymaker couldn’t be evaded by a side slip
– Fixed a bug where knees that redirected to the head could cause body health events
– Fixed a bug with the contact detection of lead elbows
– Fixed a bug with the sub side control which could not allow the hip-out getup to complete
– Fixed a bug with two slam takedowns that could cause damage to the wrong fighter
– Fixed certain takedowns and diving punches from counting incorrectly in the post-fight stats

Gameplay AI Additions:
– Added new outside, range-based counter striking behavior to AI
– Added new behavior to certain AIs to elect to not getup right away when on their back
– Adjusted many AI behavioral tendencies based on player feedback
– Expanded AI’s behavioral diversity
– Expanded AI’s knowledge of cage clinch positions, and the ability to move between them

Gameplay AI Tuning:
– Greco Roman AI can now instantly perform clinches when opponent’s back is to the cage
– Ground and Pound AI can now instantly perform takedowns when opponent’s back is to the cage
– Improved AI’s ability to block strikes and capitalize on grapple advantage while grappling
– Improved AI’s ability to enter and make use of stacked guard from ground as well as tower scenarios
– Improved AI’s ability to use the push-off strike
– Improved AI’s awareness of more complex evasion directions for certain strike scenarios
– Improved AI’s choice of strikes when advancing from range and throwing punches
– Reduced the frequency of grapple-initiation techniques based on AI difficulty
– Fixed a bug that caused AIs with special straight punches, such as Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor, to not dive on their opponent as often

Ultimate Team:
– Added a Sets shortcut on multiple screens
– Added an option to skip the pack opening sequence for Bundles

Podéis ver todos los detalles del update con videos incluidos en el blog del juego.


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