Disponible el update 1.07 de Madden NFL 19

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Madden NFL 19 ya se encuentra disponible desde hace días en Playstation 4, Xbox One y PC y EA ha lanzado ya el update 1.07 que ya se encuentra disponible en todas las plataformas, el changelist es el siguiente:

Key Highlights

  • Gameplay
    • New Hit Stick Formula
    • Less defensive knockouts vs. possession catch
    • Play Action pass blocking upgrade
  • Franchise
    • New off-ball injury banner shows team and player

Change Log

  •  General stability improvements

Franchise Updates

  • Added player name and team to the injury timeout drop-down for off-ball injuries
  • Fixed an issue when withdrawing an offer during the re-sign Big Decision
  • Fixed a UI layout issue when using the Members tab to invite friends to your Franchise
  • Fixed an issue where play call suggestions didn’t load after exiting Super Sim
  • Tuned framing for Snapshots when focused on blocked field goals and punts
  • Tuned Snapshot flow at the end of game so wipe correctly hides transition

Madden Ultimate Team Updates

  • Solo Battles
    • Fixed an issue where the game speed was set to Slow in Solo Battles
    • Fixed an issue where the playbooks selected in your lineup wouldn’t always be the one brought into your Solo Battle game
  • Solo Challenges
    • Fixed an issue where timeouts would go to 0 when restarting a Solo Battle
  • Pack Reveals
    • Fixed an issue where the pack reveals were not triggering for Fantasy Packs

Visual Updates

  • Fixed an issue causing the Inner Color ring of the player indicator to remain visible after clicking off to another player
  • Fixed an issue causing the green User Success ripple under the player indicator to flash randomly throughout the game
  • Tuning to better frame the camera during Team TD Celebrations
  • Enabled statue presentation for Atlanta Falcons during pregame
  • Tuning of multiple cameras that were behind various stadium geometry during Post Game Tunnel Cut-scenes
  • Updated helmet and chinstrap placement on a variety of players
  • Updated a variety of uniforms
  • Based on feedback gathered from the community about the Player Lock camera:
    • Dev Note: In an effort to create more opportunities to make plays on the ball in Player Lock and Franchise Player, we’ve replaced the Player Lock cameras with our MUT Squads position-specific cameras. These cameras balance your player and the ball in frame as much as possible. This will enable you to make better reads on the play as it develops, as well as move on the ball in passing situations. In addition, we’ve implemented a punt and kick return view for Franchise Player when you are put in that position for your team, playing as a Running Back, Wide Receiver, or Defensive Secondary role.
  • Updated player likeness for the following players:
    • Chiefs HB Kareem Hunt
    • Broncos OLB Bradley Chubb
    • Browns HB Nick Chubb
    • 49ers LB Reuben Foster
    • Giants HB Wayne Gallman
    • Lions WR Kenny Golladay
    • Redskins HB Derrius Guice
    • Panthers WR DJ Moore
    • Seahawks HB Rashaad Penny
    • 49ers QB C.J. Beathard
    • Buccaneers LB Kendell Beckwith
    • Chiefs K Harrison Butker
    • Jaguars WR D.J. Chark
    • Eagles HB Corey Clement
    • Saints DE Marcus Davenport
    • Lions LB Jarrad Davis
    • Titans QB Luke Falk
    • Dolphins FS Minkah Fitzpatrick
    • Broncos HB Royce Freeman
    • Dolphins TE Mike Gesicki
    • Eagles TE Dallas Goedert
    • Broncos WR DaeSean Hamilton
    • Dolphins DE Charles Harris
    • Vikings CB Mike Hughes
    • Chargers SS Derwin James
    • Cardinals WR Christian Kirk
    • Giants QB Kyle Lauletta
    • Steelers FB Jaylen Samuels
    • Cowboys HB Bo Scarbrough

Gameplay Updates

  • Catching
    • Tuning to decrease the frequency of defensive knockouts vs. catches, especially vs. possession catches
    • Fixed an issue causing defensive knockouts to occur on receivers after they have already gone to the ground, resulting in incorrect incomplete pass rulings
    • Tuning to remove defensive knockouts on sideline catches resulting in incorrect catch rulings
    • Tuning to decrease the frequency of defenders jumping to swat or catch passes intended for receivers who are behind them
    • Fixed an issue causing defenders to sometimes hurdle over balls on the ground that had been fumbled
    • Fixed a rare issue causing players to disappear from a catch interaction
    • Added functionality for users to break receivers and defenders out of Catch-drop animations so they can get back into the play quicker
    • Fixed an issue causing HBs to run backwards after making a short catch when facing the QB
  • Real Player Motion
    • Fixed an issue causing QBs to use hot route animations when sending a receiver in motion
    • Fixed an issue causing QBs to sometimes use hot route animations when using Fake Snap
    • Fixed a rare issue where the play would not be blown dead when the ball carrier used the Give-Up mechanic, including QB slides
    • Added functionality to break out of play-action pass rollouts early, after the fake handoff
      • NOTE: This can be used by giving input on the Left Stick towards any direction and/or pressing RT/R2
    • Fixed an issue in Singleback Ace HB Slam Mtn that caused the QB to hand the ball off with the wrong hand
    • Fixed an issue causing the HB to miss the toss when using Pistol Weak I Flex Power Option and Gun Open Flex HB Toss
    • Fixed an issue causing left-handed QBs to sometimes turn around and look behind them when inside the pocket
    • Tuning to Hit Sticks to increase the frequency of broken tackles vs. hit stick attempts
      • NOTE: Hit Stick outcomes are determined by using the defender’s Hit Power rating (POW) vs. the Ball Carrier’s Break Tackle rating (BTK) and can be modified by weight and momentum of both players in the interaction
  • Blocking
    • Upgraded block targeting and behavior for Play-Action pass blocking
    • Tuning to slightly decrease early block sheds vs. the run game on only All-Madden difficulty in Simulation and Competitive Game Styles
      • DEV NOTE: Because Rushing Yards Per Carry is currently below our target range on All-Madden, we have slightly decreased the frequency of early block sheds on All-Madden by tuning them a little bit more towards the values used on All-Pro, where Rushing Yards Per Carry is within our target range.
    • Fixed issues causing TEs to remain frozen at the line when they had no defender to block when in a pass blocking assignment
    • Tuning to increase the effectiveness of the Ultimate Team Ability Secure Pass Blocker
      • NOTE: This will now be an additive timer the defender must wait before attempting a shed move. It will be added onto the base wait time, which is determined by the defender’s pass rush rating currently being used (PMV or FMV)
  • Post-Play:
    • Fixed some cases of players remaining frozen on the ground when trying to get up after the play is over
    • Fixed some issues causing the ball to get stuck to players’ forearms after getting up off the ground
    • Fixed an issue causing defenders to continue playing a tackle animation after the ball carrier had branched out of the interaction
    • Fixed an issue causing receivers to run off the field and into the edge wall before celebrating when the user has not taken control of them during a TD catch
    • Fixed some issues causing players to run off the field after getting up when the play is over
    • Tuning to decrease the frequency of small moment celebrations after the play is over, which will also improve post-play player avoidance
  • Pre-Play:
    • Fixed an issue causing WR icons to flip when using an audible to a new formation or from a run to a pass within the same formation
    • Fixed an issue causing HBs and TEs to not show Receiver Icons after hot routing them to pass block and then back to a route
    • Fixed various cases of defenders lining up on top of each other in pre-snap
    • Tuning to make defender movement after breaking the huddle smoother
    • Fixed an issue causing offensive and/or defensive linemen to align incorrectly when using no huddle
    • Tuning to speed up defenders when covering a receiver in motion in pre-play
    • Fixed an issue causing a broken play when using an audible from Fake Punt Pass to Fake Punt FB Off Tackle

Commentary Updates

  • Added new content from the commentary team of Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis
  • Fixed an issue where our commentators reference kicking off from San Diego, when we’re actually in Carson

PC Updates

  • Fixed an issue that would cause some resolutions to display the uniform preview model in the wrong location
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused audio to cut off during gameplay
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented the pause menu from being opened when both peripheral types were connected
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused keyboard and mouse inputs to display even when the primary input was a controller
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the keyboard icon to display within team select when using a controller
  • Fixed an issue in Online Head to Head that sometimes caused users to get kicked back to the Main Menu after selecting Quick Match
  • Fixed an issue in Franchise that would cause positions to be hidden until a user scrolls through the entire list
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes disabled mouse click functionality after exiting exhibition mode
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused mouse clicks to not function in the pause menu
  • Fixed an issue that prevented mouse clicks from functioning properly on some grid-based menus
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the hyphen and apostrophe keys from functioning when editing a player’s name
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the MUT card reveal sequence from playing when using the mouse
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause MUT Solo Challenge goals from displaying properly

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