Disponible el update 1.07 de F1 2018

EA Sports NHL 19 ya está disponible en Playstation 4 y Xbox One
NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 llegará el próximo 16 de octubre

Codemasters sigue trabajando en mejorar y solucionar errores de su juego de F1 y ya se encuentra disponible en Steam (PC) su nuevo update el cual pronto estará tambien disponible en Playstation 4 y Xbox One, el changelist es el siguiente:

  • Fixed an issue where players leaving and rejoining in a large player session causes frame rate drops
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to set fastest lap in Time Trial by driving a shorter route off circuit and not returning to the track
  • Modern car lap times should no longer upload to Classic era leaderboards
  • Fixed a crash for some users loading into a career race session
  • Fixed a framerate drop on the France when players drive off track
  • Players with an ‘S’ Safety Rating should no longer be put into lobbies with ‘D’ rank players
  • Fixed an issue where there was no engine audio when beginning MP race from Car setup screen
  • Engine audio no longer gets stuck in 1st gear when exiting pits
  • Various updates to the UDP telemetry output
  • Various stability and performance fixes
  • Various other bug fixes

Fuente: Blog Codemasters

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