Disponible el update 1.11 de EA Sports UFC 3

Análisis – F1 2018
Electronic Arts añade nuevas competiciones de PlayStation 4 a la EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Global Series

EA ha publicado un nuevo update de EA Sports UFC 3 el cual además de hacer algunos ajustes y corregir errores añade 2 nuevos luchadores: Sean O’Malley e Israel Adesanya, el changelist es el siguiente:

Patch Notes

– Added two new fighters: Sean O’Malley at Bantamweight, Israel Adesanya at Middleweight

Gameplay Additions:
– Added Sean O’Malley signature 720 kick
– Added Sean O’Malley signature 360 roundhouse kick
– Added Sean O’Malley signature 360 guard pass
– Added block damage and increased max damage dealt on a blocked catch kick punch
– Added max stamina and body damage penalty when tripped off a catch kick
– Added per position DOM/SUB on denial max stamina modifiers, making the SUB drain more stamina than the DOM in most positions
– Added side head vulnerability to clinch attempts
– Opponent now gains Grapple Advantage when you lose strike tracking
– Zabit trip can now be denied with either R2 + Right Stick Up or Down
– Stephen Thompson signature strikes can now be canceled
– Switch kicks can now be canceled

Gameplay Tuning:
– Knocked down fighters will now automatically get up if their opponent is knocked out
– Takedown and clinch attempts chain faster off lunges and slips towards the back leg
– Updated the stamina tax on standing takedown and clinch denials to scale with Grapple Advantage, making well-setup grapple attempts cost less stamina
– Updated the side kick and spinning side kick to have an upward strike arc
– Increased the activation range and made the timing more forgiving for reaching jabs and straights to the head and body
– Tuned clinch attempt range and registration to make it easier to avoid clinch attempts through movement and striking
– Tuned back mount strikes to have different arm trap windows vs damage profiles
– Slightly increased the stamina tax on back sways
– Slightly reduced the default clinch denial windows, which scale up or down with Grapple Advantage
– Reduced the damage on roundhouse kicks when thrown from close range
– Slowed down moving combos into spinning heel kick off a lead punch
– Removed damage from the slam in single and double leg cage positions
– Fixed a bug with double lunges
– Fixed a bug with Thai clinch input
– Fixed a bug with the front kick to the head converting to a roundhouse instead of a knee at close range.
– Fixed a bug where Grapple Advantage was not gained when landing a strike on your opponent and putting them into a hit reaction
– Fixed bad range values on straight to back roundhouse to the leg and body combos

Podéis ver el listado más detallado y con gifs aquí.

Fuente: EA.com

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