Disponible el parche 1.31 de NHL 19

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Disponible el update 1.13 de F1 2018

Ya se encuentra disponible un nuevo update de NHL 19 el cual incluye arreglos en el gameplay y en los distintos modos de juego, el changelist es el siguiente:

Hockey Ultimate Team

  • Added the ability to customize your HUT team in the following ways
    • Captain and Assistant Captain
    • Jersey Numbers
    • Goalie Masks
    • These items will be available in Customization packs and can be applied via the “Apply Consumable” option in your Edit Lines flow
  • Added the ability for user to search the Auction House by Overall rating
  • Fixed various issues in Auction House
  • When a goal is scored, users will see the player items of the goal scorer and who received assists during the goal celebration
  • When viewing a game’s box score, you will now have the ability to see the player items when scrolling through any user-controlled team
  • Fixed an issue where the Star Rating was being shown instead of the Overall in the “Change Active Lineup” screen

World of CHEL

  • Fixed a rare crash where a user would sometimes crash loading into a Ones game
  • Fixed an issue where “The Lot” image was appearing in the post-game of a Ones game, even if the user was in a different tier
  • Fixed an issue where helmet colors were swapped in some Pro-Am games
  • Fixed an issue where 2 Man Celebrations were not working as intended in Pro-Am games
  • Fixed an issue where an overlap would occur in the Player Class description if a user was quick changing Traits and then changed their Player Class
  • Fixed an issue where a user would become stuck in matchmaking until the timer ran out if another player happened to drop during when the users were matched up and selected Ready
  • Added background art to the Ones Daily Rewards screen
  • Fixed an issue where the Ready button does not unlock once a game finishes if a user enters a Clubs dressing room before the current game is completed
  • Fixed a rare crash when earning a PSN Trophy/Xbox Achievement while playing Ones
  • Fixed an issue where the colors on the scoreboard were different from the colors in the score overlay
  • Fixed a rare desync that would occur when users quit from a Ones or EASHL game and then joined another game
  • Fixed an issue where exiting the Instant Replay from the post-game pause menu will restart the roll over timer when it shouldn’t be present when exiting out of that flow
  • Added a “Next Game” option in the post-game so users can select that option and bypass the timer to return to the dressing room
  • Fixed an issue where headwear was not being displayed on female heads outside of Edit Player
  • Fixed an issue where the user would be booted back to the main menu after opening their very first WOC bag
  • Fixed an issue where the user would become stuck if they quickly cancelled matchmaking then entered the matchmaking settings screen
  • Added Club Captaincy back to EASHL
  • Fixed cases where players would come out of the player bench on penalties instead of the penalty box
  • Improvements to AI behavior when a player disconnects in Ones

New Content in World of CHEL

  • Colorado Avalanche Alternate Jersey
  • Columbus Blue Jackets Alternate Jersey
  • Edmonton Oilers Alternate Jersey
  • Winnipeg Jets Alternate Jersey
  • Calgary Flames Alternate Jersey
  • Washington Capitals Alternate Jersey
  • San Jose Sharks Alternate Jersey


  • General
    • Various improvements made for grabbing sticks from the bench
    • Fixed cases where a shot animation was resulting in bobbled shots
    • Fixes to faceoff alignment in defensive zone
    • Various improvements for Defensive AI behaviour off faceoffs
    • Updates to AI logic for when to use defensive skill stick
    • Fixed various crashes
  • Skating
    • Improvements made to Vision Control when pivoting
    • Fixed an issue where energy was not regaining when in a glide while back skating
  • Poke Checking
    • Fixed an issue where players were able to poke check opponents through the net
    • Made improvements to collision detection where sometimes a stick was still able to cause incidental contact with the puck carriers stick or the puck when passing through player area first.
  • Goalies
    • Improved consistency when transitioning from VH into hug post and from hug post into VH
    • Improved consistency when transitioning from paddle down to the set pose
    • Fixes to AI goaltender puck tracking on Between-the-Legs shots
    • Improved AI goaltender puck tracking on One-Handed Dekes
    • Fixes to AI goaltender puck tracking on Backhand Toe Drag Flip Shots
    • Improved AI goaltender tracking when back skating
    • Consistency improvements to hug post transitions from set pose at extreme angles
    • Various fixes to goalie save coverage when transitioning off the post
    • Improvements to save logic when the AI goaltender is in VH
    • Various fixes for AI Goalie shot anticipation
    • Fixed a case where goalies could get stuck in butterfly
    • Added more tuning ability for how goalies handle secondary threats that could be rebound threats
  • Specializations
    • Various fixes to specializations and traits

Game Modes and Presentation

Franchise Mode:

  • Fixed an issues where junior created players imported into Franchise Mode always had UFA expiring contract status. They will now correctly follow NHL CBA rules.
  • Fixed an issue where some Owner mode related screens showed grey text on a grey background
  • Fixed an issue where the Jersey number screen was white when entering from a popup
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash if the user switched to AHL during the NHL playoffs while it was still the AHL regular season
  • General UI/UX fixes

Be a Pro:

  • Added a popup informing the user that they became the team captain
  • Changed the colour of the starting goalie icon on the play next game tile to better show if the user is the starting goalie that game

Online Versus

  • Fixed an issue where users could become stuck while backing out of the Audio/Visual Settings screen as the pause timer expires


  • In the pause menu, the Power Player format wasn’t correct. It should have been in the x/x format rather just powerplay opportunities


  • Various improvements to multiplayer celebrations
  • Fixed a case where the score clock timing was incorrect off the opening draw in 2nd and 3rd periods
  • Fix an issue where the goal light was not rendering properly in some stadiums
  • Various camera fixes


The following uniforms have been added to NHL 19.


  • Added Calgary Flames Alternate
  • Added Colorado Avalanche Alternate
  • Added Columbus Blue Jackets Alternate
  • Added San Jose Sharks Alternate
  • Added Washington Capitals Alternate
  • Added Winnipeg Jets Alternate
  • Added Edmonton Oilers Alternate


  • Colorado Eagles Home and Away


  • Lethbridge Hurricanes Home and Away
  • Oshawa Generals Home and Away
  • Shawinigan Cataractes Home and Away


  • Atlanta Gladiators Home and Away
  • Adirondack Thunder Home and Away
  • Rapid City Rush Home and Away


  • KalPa Home and Away
  • KooKoo Kouvola Home and Away


  • All Teams Home and Away

National League

  • All Teams Home and Away

Center Ice Changes

Updated the following Center Ice layouts

  • Anaheim Ducks
  • Carolina Hurricanes
  • Chicago Blackhawks
  • Dallas Stars
  • Detroit Red Wings
  • Minnesota Wild
  • Montreal Canadiens
  • St. Louis Blues
  • Vegas Golden Knights

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